A bill authored by State Rep. Jim Pressel (R-Rolling Prairie) would prohibit the use of any electronic device while driving. Under Pressel’s bill, Indiana drivers would not be able to perform any action on an electronic communications device, like a cell phone or smartphone, while operating a motor vehicle. If caught, the offense would be a Class C infraction. The offense can be enhanced to a misdemeanor or felony if the driver has past convictions of the offense or if it results in serious bodily injury of another person. Current law states that a person may not use a telecommunications device to type, transmit, or read an electronic mail message while operating. The law also states a police officer may not confiscate the telecommunication device during a traffic stop. Pressel’s legislation would change that, banning any type of hands-dependent operation of a cell phone while driving. The proposal would, however, allow drivers to operate their phones in a hands-free, such as through Bluetooth and voice activation.
House Bill 1295 has been assigned to the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code. To learn more visit iga.in.gov.