Indiana House Democratic Leader Terry Goodin from Austin issued a statement after the close of the first half of the 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly. Goodin said the first half of session was like Gilligan’s Island. The General Assembly has the tools, but still cannot get off the island. Three years ago, the Republican majority repealed the Common Construction Wage with the promise that wages would not fall and tax savings would be realized. Goodin refers to the Midwest Economic Policy Institute’s report recently issued that found that since then-Gov. Mike Pence signed the repeal into law, wages have dropped in the construction industry and that there has been no cost-savings to Indiana taxpayers. Goodin said the General Assembly must address the issue of wages. Out of all the bills that went through the House, only eight had Democratic lead authors. Goodin says that fact says a lot about the lack of bipartisanship by the Republican majority in the Indiana House of Representatives.