Michigan City’s Barker Mansion will offer a buy-one-get-one free tour admission on Valentine’s Day when you give your partner a kiss at check-in. A guided mansion tour will be offered at 1 pm Central Time on Wednesday, February 14. A cost of $8 per adult, and $5 per senior or youth applies in lieu of the discount. Reservations are not needed.

The deal is offered in honor of John and Katherine Barker’s 125th wedding anniversary. The couple wedded on February 14, 1893, at nearby Trinity Church. The Barker family owned the largest freight car factory in the Midwest. Katherine was Barker’s second wife, as he had lost his first love and three infant children to illness. Katherine was a schoolteacher at nearby Barker Hall, and John sat on the school board. The couple married on Valentine’s Day in 1893. On this day, Katherine went from being a teacher and the daughter of Irish immigrants to the wife of a millionaire. Hear these stories and more on tour.

The Barker Mansion is located at 631 Washington Street in Michigan City. Visit www.barkermansion.com for details.