An Indiana State Trooper got his police car stuck in a snowbank Saturday afternoon but two residents came to his rescue. Trooper Anthony Potesta was making a turn in his 2016 Dodge Charger police car onto the 2200 block of Harrison Street in Gary when he hit a pile of slushy snow; this caused the Charger to go into a nearby snowbank and become stuck. Troopers Jason Pratt and Alissa Partyka were nearby and began to help Potesta shovel out his car. William (last name unknown) who was driving by stopped his car and began to help the troopers shovel. Dwight (last name unknown) was also driving by and also stopped and helped pulled the police car out with a tow strap. Trooper Potesta stated, “Jokes were cracked and laughs were enjoyed by all. Because of their kind hearted gesture my police car was out in no time. This was great cooperation and mutual respect between the community and the police.” The police car nor the trooper was injured