MCPD Chief Mark Swistek would like to proudly announce the newest member of the department K-9 ”AXEL” and his partner, Officer Michael Oberle. In September of 2017, applications were put out to all officers of the department who had an interest in becoming a K-9 Handler. After receiving numerous applications, Officer Michael Oberle was selected by the command staff of the department. In January of 2018, Chief Swistek along with Officer Oberle traveled to Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana to select the newest recruit. Once there after several demonstrations they immediately picked Axel, a 16-month-old German Shepard from Hungary. Officer Oberle then participated in training for the next six weeks with his new partner where they began their bond and training in drug detention, search and apprehension work where they both graduated on February 23rd. Almost immediately, on March 2nd, Axel was called to duty to assist the Indiana State Police on a vehicle stop here in Michigan City. Axel performed a “Free Air Sniff” on the vehicle in question where he immediately gave a response of drugs present. A search was then conducted where they turned up two small plastic baggies field tested positive for cocaine.