Indiana counties are finalizing damage assessments and the State has requested a federal review, which is the next step in the process for requesting federal assistance. No federal assistance has been granted for Indiana residents. Below are steps citizens should take while the review process continues: Document all aspects of damage, as well as any cleanup process that occurs; Keep receipts, and document any funds received through insurance; If assistance is needed in the meantime, reach out to 211 or the Red Cross at 888-684-1441; Pay attention to local media about local resources available. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is also encouraging those interested Indiana residents to sign up for February Flood email updates through the agency. If assistance becomes available within the state, more information will be provided to that list. Individuals can sign up at or find the link through the Disaster Recovery Resources page at Individuals with questions or concerns do not need to reach out to federal partners directly. Any questions should be directed to the Joint Information Center at 317-238-1784 or