Students at Barker Middle School in Michigan City have raised $1,344 to support the American Heart Association through a “Hoops for Heart” fundraiser. Barker’s twist on “Hoops for Heart” is a free pass for fun on the last class period of the last day before Spring Break. This year, the event took place on Thursday, March 29. Students reported to the gym and played either dodge ball or “Omnikin ball” which is played with a giant ball on a volleyball court. This year, 144 Barker students took part. The effort was spearheaded and promoted by the Barker Student Council and teacher adviser Mariah Pol. Gym activities were supervised by teachers Bruce Parker and David Ortiz. Parker, who has coordinated the school’s Hoops for Heart fundraiser for many years, says that over $13,000 has been raised for the American Heart Association by Barker students over the last decade.