INDOT announced the reopening of two stretches of state highway that were closed for weeks due to floodwaters, while another stretch remains closed. State Road 39 is back open, between State Road 10 and U.S. 30, also State Road 8 is back open, between U.S. 35 to State Road 39. These stretches were closed back in February due to high water from historic rainfall and remained closed, despite that high waters appeared to have receded, to allow for testing to ensure there was no damage on or under the roadway. Some minor repairs will be needed on these highways in the coming weeks, but they are safe to reopen for drivers. State Road 8 remains closed between State Road 39 and U.S. 421. Engineers continue to test this stretch of road to determine the extent of damage both on and under the pavement. Repairs will begin once a full understanding of the damage is known. This stretch of roadway is not safe for drivers and INDOT is warning motorists to obey ‘Road Closed’ signs and barricades after witnessing numerous motorists driving around closure warnings.