At approximately 7:05 PM on Sunday, Coolspring Township Firefighters received an alarm from their fire station alerting them that the baby box had been accessed. Lt. Chuck Kohler was the first to arrive at the station one minute after being notified and found an newborn infant in the baby box. La Porte County Emergency Medical Service and the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the fire station. The infant was transported by ambulance to Franciscan St. Anthony’s hospital in Michigan City, Indiana. The infant appeared to be in good health and had no apparent medical issues.
     This is the second time that a newborn infant has been left in the “baby box” which is one of only two that have been in stalled at fire station in the United States. The first, named “Baby Hope” by the firefighters, was on November 7, 2017. The baby box was installed at the Coolspring Fire Station, which is a volunteer department and not a manned fire station, in April of 2016.
Chief Mick Pawlik, Assistant Chief Warren Smith and Lt. Chuck Kohler will be available for the media on Monday April 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM (CST). The Coolspring Fire Department is located at 7111 W CR 400 N Michigan City, Indiana. It should be noted that due to privacy concerns, the firefighters cannot release the sex of the infant or any other information related to the child. Chief Pawlik is also asking citizens to please refrain from calling Franciscan St. Anthony’s with inquiries as they too cannot discuss information regarding the child.