The Michigan City Police received an unfortunate call of criminal mischief occurring at the St. Stanislaus cemetery Thursday morning at 7:30am. Upon arrival of the cemetery staff, they discovered that approximately 50 grave headstones and statutes were knocked over or damaged. Additionally, a portion of the outer fence was damaged in the incident. Immediately upon hearing this disturbing information, Chief Mark Swistek sent additional officers to this area including Greenwood Cemetery to access any other damages. With this ill-fated occurrence, it appeared to be a random act of vandalism that was completely irrational. With the help of the Indiana State Prison Community Service work crew and the maintenance staff of the police department, the Michigan City Police began vigorously attempting to right a wrong. All stones were then lifted and placed back on the adjoining bases.There was some minor damages to stones, and some small statutes and markers that could not be repaired. Anyone who might have information regarding this senseless act to contact the Michigan City Police at 874-3221.