The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is warning and alerting citizens of a telephone scam. Last week, a La Porte County resident received a telephone call from the non-emergency number of the Sheriff’s Office (219-326-7700). The citizen described the caller as being a male subject with a Middle Eastern accent. The citizen advised the subject indicated that he was representing a law firm. The caller attempted to solicit monies and identifying information, such as name and date of birth, from the citizen. A developing trend with scammers is to now spoof known numbers that may be familiar to citizens to entice them to field the telephone call. The Sheriff’s Office is advising members of the public that if they receive a similar telephone call as described above, they should immediately terminate the telephone call. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office does not accept monies to make any form of criminal charges disappear. However, bonds for current inmates can be paid in person at the front desk of the Sheriff’s Office. When this occurs, the citizen posting the bond amount will be issued a bond receipt.