The Valparaiso Police Department is teaming up with the Porter County Sheriff’s Department to announce a new program called SafeCam. The new program has been used in other cities across the country and has been very successful with assisting police with solving criminal acts.
The program requests business owners and community members that have video/security cameras of outside or public areas, register their cameras to make police aware of these recorded areas. This information could be crucial during a police investigation and assist police with a possible photo of a potential suspect. Many individuals have cameras throughout our community and those cameras capture outside/public areas that may assist police in solving a crime. The issue is that many times a video of a potential suspect may be on tape but police are not aware of the cameras, in the area, of a reported criminal act. The registration would provide the information to police as they investigate the criminal act, in a much quicker time frame. The program only requires you register your camera and provide areas in which the cameras captures/views around your business or home. The police are NOT able to view your video or log onto your system. They must visit your location and request to view your video and the registration makes them aware of potential video in the area where the criminal act occurred. Registration is available on the Valparaiso Police Department’s website at