The Indiana State Police were called by the Porter County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) Monday morning to investigate an officer involved shooting that involved one of their officers. At approximately 1:16 a.m., a deputy with the PCSD was going to a call in the area of U.S. 6 and 200 West when he clocked a motorcycle on U.S, 6 doing 80 miles-per hour. The officer attempted to make a traffic stop on the motorcycle who took off. The officer (in a fully marked Ford Explorer county police car) pursued the orange Kawasaki “sport” motorcycle from U.S. 6 to State Road 149 then to Lenburg Road. The motorcycle lost control on one of the curves and hit an informational sign. The male white driver of the motorcycle tumbled out in front of the officer’s car, got up, and began to run north into a wooded area. As the motorcyclist was running north he pulled out a gun and pointed it toward the officer. The 41 year old officer, who is a four year veteran of the PCSD, pulled out his issued police gun and shot multiple times. The motorcyclist continued running into the woods. A perimeter was set up and a search of the area resulted in the motorcyclist fleeing the area. A semi-automatic gun was later found in the woods. The PSCD officer was not injured. Information about the motorcyclist should be directed to the Porter County Sheriff’s Department. At the conclusion of the investigation all information will be sent to the Porter County Prosecutor’s office.