Command staff at the Indiana State Police Lowell District were recently notified by concerned citizens that they had received possible scam phone calls from a phone number that appears as the Lowell District phone number of 219-696-6242. In a statement the police said, “There are many phone scams currently in our area, and know that the Indiana State Police do not serve arrest warrants by phone and will never call you to request money. One popular phone scam in our area currently is the “Jury Duty” or “FBI” where the caller tells you there is an arrest warrant for you because you missed jury duty. Then like all of the phone scams, they demand you send them money by pre-paid credit card to avoid arrest. Other popular scams in our area are the IRS scam, Publisher’s Clearinghouse and the Grandparent -grandchild in need scam. When receiving a call, never assume the caller ID is correct, and know that scammers will often use the names of local officers or agencies or even your own family members”.