Indiana State Troopers Alaa Hamed and William Carlson made a traffic stop at Calumet Avenue and Lyons Street in Hammond on Sunday morning that resulted in the driver and one of his passengers being arrested on multiple charges. After 26 year old Raynard Headd of Gary gave false information initially to the Troopers, he then identified himself and was found to be suspended prior as well as an active warrant through Lake County. A fully loaded 9mm handgun was discovered under the driver’s seat and an open bottle of alcohol was also in the Jeep. They also found two fake/false government identification cards that belonged to the rear seat passenger identified as 21 year old Andrea Whitehead of Gary. Both ID’s through different states had her picture on them with false names, date of births and driver’s license numbers. The Jeep was released to the other female passenger who was the registered owner who was cited for Open Container. Both Headd and Whitehead were taken to the Lake County Jail.