State Rep. Jim Pressel is reminding motorists of two new laws that recently went into effect to keep Indiana roadways safe.
“Colored headlights can be distracting and even confusing when driving at night,” Pressel said. “Under a new law, Hoosier drivers must have only white or amber headlights on their vehicles. This will help prevent distractions on the roads and ensure colored lights are used by emergency vehicles only.”
Pressel said with many new laws effective July 1, it is important to stay up to date with those impacting local Hoosiers, including new safety measures for motorists:
·Distracting Headlight Colors – A new law requires Indiana drivers to have white or amber headlights on their vehicles. Colored lights like red, blue or green are not allowed on the front of vehicles, and backup lights should also be white or amber. Taillights must be red. This ensures colored lights are reserved for emergency vehicles only, eliminating confusion on the roadways. (Senate Enrolled Act 266)
·Free Carbon Monoxide Tests – A new law allows Hoosiers to request free carbon monoxide tests for inside their vehicle at local fire departments. Savannah’s Law is named after an Indiana high school student who died in a car crash after the deadly gas infiltrated her vehicle due to a faulty exhaust system. (SEA 100)
Visit to learn more about these state laws and many others that went into effect on July 1st.