In the early morning hours of Tuesday, a Porter County Sheriff’s Officer was stopped at the stop light of US Hwy 6 and McCool Road around 1:00 am, when he observed a 2008 Chevy passenger car westbound on US Hwy 6 turn improperly, north onto McCool Road and abruptly turn into a gas Station. He then observed the male driver quickly walk into the store and a female passenger exit the vehicle and sprint around to the driver seat. The Officer made contact with the male, later identified as 28 year old Jonathan Stone from Portage, as he came out of the gas station. Stone denied he was driving and provided a different name and date of birth (later determined to be his brother’s information). When his real name was discovered, it was determined his license status was Habitual Traffic Offender. Stone was advised he was under arrest and then he fled on foot. Officers gave chase and attempted to taze Stone as he fled, this was ineffective. When Officers caught up to him and brought him to the ground to gain control, Stone continued to resist. The Officer then felt Stone reach back with his right hand and grab his gun on his duty belt. Another Officer assisting with the arrest, attempted to taze Stone, with success, as the other officer retained his weapon in the holster and they were able to handcuff him. Stone was medically cleared at Porter Regional Hospital and later transported to PCJ on the charges of Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer, Habitual Traffic Offender, Identity Deception and Resisting Law Enforcement.