Mayor Ron Meer along with Chief Mark Swistek are pleased to announce the support of the “THIN BLUE LINE” – National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum in Washington D.C. In support of fallen Police Officers and their families across the nation, Mayor Meer and Chief Swistek authorized funds through the Drug Forfeiture Seizure program to help fund this symbolic Museum designed to feel what it is like in the shoes of law enforcement. This Museum shares the vibrant story of American Law Enforcement and honors all who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the protection of our country. This new museum gives visitors the opportunity to proceed through a glass bridge overlooking the exhibit floor that contains the names of officers and departments throughout the United States including Michigan City Police. Over a decade of planning and persistence in the making, the National Law Enforcement Museum will open its doors to the public on October 13, 2018. The Museum’s location at Judiciary Square in our nation’s capital marks the first time a national museum dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement will have a permanent home. Within the walls of the Museum’s strikingly contemporary exterior, artifacts and more than 20,000 objects tell the story of American law enforcement – past, present, and future – and engage visitors of all ages in memorable, interactive and practical exhibits. More importantly, we’re proud that the Museum will serve as a platform for constructive dialog to help strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.