Following a years-long legal effort, Attorney General Curtis Hill prevailed in holding responsible for damages a public employee who bilked the City of Warsaw out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Former Street Superintendent Lacy Francis Jr. participated in a kickback scheme involving a private contractor, Pro Form Pipe Lining Co., and its owner, Marc Campbell. Francis helped the company win bids on 11 city projects involving installation of new lining for sewer pipes. The company deliberately overcharged for its work – sometimes by claiming to have done more work than what was actually performed – and shared the windfall with Francis. Last year, Francis was convicted and sentenced to 13 years of incarceration for multiple felonies he committed as part of the scheme. On Tuesday, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Indiana ruled Francis is responsible for a judgment of $955,707 – plus interest, costs, and attorneys’ fees. The judgment represents the misappropriated amounts, audit costs and treble damages. The former official’s attorneys had sought to relieve Francis of his full liability due to his declared bankruptcy. Under the ruling, however, Francis will be responsible for paying the judgment against him once he emerges from bankruptcy. Actions remain ongoing against Campbell and Pro Form to hold them also responsible for misappropriated amounts, audit costs and treble damages.