Purdue University Northwest (PNW) continues to see upward trends in first-time freshman students and in the retention of continuing students in its 2018-19 fall enrollment count.

The university increased its first-time freshman population to 1,172 students; a gain of 47 students over last year. Additionally, retention of continuing PNW students increased to a record high of 69.4 percent, representing an 8.6 percent jump in the past two years.

“Our fall enrollment this year demonstrates the progress we are making to show students and their families the tremendous quality and value available at Purdue Northwest,” said Chancellor Thomas L. Keon.

Emerging enrollment trends

This year’s enrollment reflects Purdue Northwest’s move toward becoming a metropolitan university that attracts a more diverse full-time student population across a broader geographic region.

“New domestic undergraduate student enrollment is up 4.6 percent compared to last year, and most of these new students are coming from the largest metropolitan area in the Midwest,” said PNW Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Carmen Panlilio. “Our proximity to the Chicagoland area, combined with the support and education we provide to our diverse PNW student body creates wonderful opportunities for our students and graduates.”

Purdue Northwest saw a substantial increase in non-resident students, bolstered by a reduced tuition rate for domestic, out-of-state students announced last year. Panlilio said the plan, called R.O.A.R.: Reduced Out-of-state Advantage Rate, contributed to a jump in non-resident undergraduate enrollment of 44 percent from last year.

Hispanic students also represented 25.9 percent of this year’s first-time full time students, a progressive rise from 15 percent in 2012-13. PNW’s trend mirrors national rates of Hispanic students graduating from high school.

According to the latest National Center for Education Statistics’ “Projections of Education Statistics” report, the number of public high school graduates who are Hispanic is projected to increase 30 percent between 2012-13 and 2026-27.

Among first-time undergraduate students, PNW has also seen a steady increase in the percentage of full-time versus part-time students. The entering class consists of 95.6 percent full-time students, the highest percentage of the last five years.

Total enrollment at PNW is 10,473 students comprised of continuing students, transfers, those new to college, others enrolled in online academic partnership programs and high school concurrent/dual credit enrollees.

Other 2018-19 Purdue Northwest enrollment numbers include:

· Undergraduate Core Student Population: 79.1% Full-Time, 20.9% Part-Time

· Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Core Student Enrollment by Gender: 49.1% Men, 50.9% Women

· Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Core Student Enrollment by Ethnicity: White/Caucasian, 57.2%; Hispanic/Latino, 20.1%, Black or African American, 9.6%; International, 6.7%; two or more races, 2.7%; Asian, 2.1%; American Indian or Alaskan, 0.2%; Unknown, 1.4%