A motorcyclist was thrown from his bike early Thursday morning when he hit traffic barrel supports in the middle of I-65. Preliminary investigation by Trooper Nicholas Price revealed just after midnight, this Thursday, morning, a Triumph motorcycle, driven by 36 year old Derek Duvall, of Lake Village, IN was northbound on I-65 at the 240.2 mile marker (this is at the Lowell exit) when he hit the rubber traffic barrel supports that were in the middle of the interstate.  Traffic was down to one lane for on-going construction at the time. Duval after hitting the barrel supports, lost control of his motorcycle, went off to the right, sliding along with the bike until he hit the ditch on the east side of the road, this caused Duvall to be thrown from the motorcycle and come to rest approximately 5 feet away. Duvall sustained injuries; bleeding, road rash, and a fracture to his ankle. Luckily for Duvall he was wearing a helmet which saved injuries to his head.  Duvall was taken to a hospital in Crown Point.