In July 2015, then-governor Mike Pence signed House Bill 1305 into law to protect waste and recycling collection workers on the state’s roadways, joining eight other states at the time with similar laws. Currently 21 states have enacted Slow Down To Get Around Legislation.
Saturday October 20, Governor Eric J. Holcomb will sign a proclamation highlighting the law that requires motorists to slow down and safely move over when approaching certain vehicles on the roadway.
“Driving safely should be a top priority for anyone getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.  We all want to safely get home to our families. Slow Down to Get Around laws carries an important message – take your time and slow down around garbage trucks. We thank Governor Holcomb for issuing the proclamation and reminding motorists to slow down when approaching waste collection workers,” said Darrell Smith, President and CEO of NWRA. NWRA member companies have been diligent in providing advanced safety training for drivers and those who hop-off the trucks to make collections. But, drivers who are distracted – or just going too fast – are a major hazard for waste collection workers.