The effects of miscommunication within organizational communications is the focus of a new book by Purdue University Northwest Professor of English Carolyn Boiarsky, Ph.D.

In her book titled, “Risk Communication and Miscommunication: Case Studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Government and Community Organizations,” published by University Press of Colorado, Boiarsky analyzes models of good communications by Enbridge Pipeline Company in Griffith, Indiana, as well as the Kansas Army Corps of Engineers.

Boiarsky also cites examples of miscommunication between engineers and managers at other organizations prior to the 1992 Chicago flood and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Her insights provide help to writers, scientists and engineers who need to inform their leadership and the community about a potential problem.

The author of several textbooks and articles related to writing in technological and engineering fields, Boiarsky was formerly the co-founder of Effective Communication, a consulting firm assisting companies in writing for and responding to regulatory agencies. She has been a member of the Purdue University Northwest faculty since 1995. In addition to her professorship, she is director of the Northwest Indiana Writing Project at Purdue Northwest.