The Greater Michigan City Drifters is a 501c3 organization comprised of predominantly African American civic minded women focused on the youth and elderly in the Michigan City area. The organization received a “Power for Good” grant from the Unity Foundation and reached out to additional partners to bring this seminar to all 8th and 9th graders in the Michigan City Area School System. Partners Harbour Trust, Open Door Adolescent Clinic, LaPorte County Circuit Court, Michigan City Human Rights Commission and Michigan City High School Student United Way made it possible to expand the reach of the program and add an additional program for parents. This parent seminar is open to the public, Tuesday, October 23, 6:00 pm at Michigan City Public Library. Tech-Life Expert, Stephanie Humphrey presents “Til Death Do You Tweet” as an interactive seminar for students and/or parents designed to raise awareness about how the way you present yourself online can hurt your reputation in real life. Understanding the idea of building your brand is explored, and some of the potential negative consequences of poor online behavior are outlined through real-world examples. Students/parents are then given tips on how to maintain a positive social media presence and protect their brand from unintended damage.