The Michiana Humane Society has lifted the weeks long quarantine of cat adoption and will begin to have the public adopt adult cats for $25 beginning Thursday, November 1st. The shelter had placed a quarantine on cat adoption upon finding that many cats were stricken with the virus Panleukopenia. Sadly, panleukopenia kills vulnerable kittens within 24 hours. The shelter staff quickly recognized this outbreak and acted swiftly to contain the spreading of the virus to other cats and to make sure the adoption process would not be halted for long. The adoption room was closed for two weeks, which is the incubation time of the virus. The staff at the shelter provided additional vaccinations to help support their immunity to all cats staying at MHS. Fortunately, there have been no more traces of the virus and the cats are healthy and ready to be adopted for $25 to lifelong homes. If you would like more information on how to adopt a pet, visit, or call 219.872.4499.