Attorney General Curtis Hill has joined a 21-state coalition in expressing support for President Trump’s proposed replacement of the so-called Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era rule that represents administrative overreach and a disregard for the rightful roles of the individual states.
The bipartisan coalition, in comments filed last week with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, described President Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy rule as far preferable to the unlawful regime sought by the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.
“President Trump understands that states and the federal government can work together to secure environmental benefits for citizens without sacrificing people’s livelihoods,” Attorney General Hill said.
The coalition believes the Affordable Clean Energy rule will respect the important role of states in regulating energy and air quality. It fully embraces Congress’ intent for cooperation between the state and federal governments, correcting the Obama-era one-size-fits-all model that would have devastated coal communities across the state and nation.
Such cooperation restores each state’s authority to consider factors specific to the energy needs and facilities within their borders, including costs, practical achievability and the useful life of any particular power plant. The Trump plan also adopts a more individualized approach to rule-making with respect for the rule of law, including that the framework of any replacement must set achievable targets for individual plants – a stark contrast to the Obama EPA’s effort to shutter coal-fired power plants in its massive and unlawful overhaul of the nation’s electrical grid. The coalition, consistent with prior arguments made by many of the 21 states, expressed some concern about the new plan and offered a prospective solution for potential double regulation created by the Affordable Clean Energy rule. Overall, however, the coalition expressed support for the new approach.