Because winter can be a busy time for coyotes, Indiana Department of Natural Resources biologists say people can expect to see more of them in the coming months, but not to be alarmed. Coyotes are common to Indiana, including areas where people gather. It is normal for them to show up not only in rural environments, but also in urban areas. As a result, coyotes are an important part of Indiana’s environment, helping to control rodent populations and cleaning up dead animals. If you see a coyote and want it to go away, try to make it uncomfortable. Yell, wave your arms, spray it with a hose, or throw tennis balls or small stones—but don’t throw anything that it may construe as food. Noisemakers such as a jar of coins or a small air horn can also scare away coyotes and are therefore good to carry when venturing out. Never corner or chase a coyote. Make sure they always have a clear path to get away from you. Learn more about coyotes at