Yesterday, Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced the end of a second consecutive, record-breaking year for economic development with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) securing 320 commitments from companies across the country and around the world to locate or grow in Indiana. Together, these businesses plan to invest more than $7.38 billion in their Indiana operations and create up to 31,112 new Hoosier jobs in the coming years – the highest annual commitment in IEDC history. These 31,112 new positions are expected to offer average wages of $26.84/hour, or nearly $56,000 annually. This average is more than 20 percent above the state’s average wage of $22.32/hour (BLS, 2017) and is the second-highest annual average wage of jobs committed to the IEDC. Moreover, of the 320 expansion commitments made, 221 have committed average wages at or above the county average wage, and 58 are between 80-99 percent of the county average wage.