On December 28, 2018 at approximately 10:30 p.m., Trooper William Carlson responded to a single vehicle crash that occurred on the ramp from I-80 eastbound to southbound Ripley St.  The 2003 Nissan passenger car was being driven by Mr. Joan Miyares (37) of Chicago, IL.  Open containers of alcoholic beverages were found throughout the vehicle.  Mr. Miyares was later transported from the scene of the crash to St. Mary’s Hospital in Hobart, Indiana. The ramp was closed for approximately 45 minutes for investigation and clean up.

Further investigation at the hospital led Troopers to believe Mr. Miyares was intoxicated at the time of the crash.  Mr. Miyares became loud and profane at the hospital, and had to be physically restrained.  Mr. Miyares also spit blood and saliva onto a nurse who was attempting to treat him.  A search warrant for Mr. Miyares blood was requested and granted through the Lake County prosecutor’s office.  After being advised of the warrant, Mr. Miyares once again became irate and profane.  Mr. Miyares attempted to prohibit the medical staff in completing the court ordered blood draw.  Once the blood draw was completed, Mr. Miyares made threats against the well-being of medical staff and both Trooper Carlson and Trooper Brasseur.

Mr. Miyares was medically cleared by St. Mary’s Hospital to be transported to the Lake County Jail.  Mr. Miyares continued to resist by not sitting in the front seat of the police vehicle.  Mr. Miyares began to kick and twist his body to avoid being placed into the police vehicle while also attempting to bite Trooper Carlson in the face and shoulder area.  In order to gain compliance, a taser was used on Mr. Miyares.  The Hobart Police Department was also contacted to assist in the transport of the prisoner.