On December 29th, at approximately 9:00 a.m., a single vehicle crash occurred on I-65 at the 253 mile marker. This is near the exit to U.S. 30. As a result of the crash, a white Husky ran from the vehicle. The dog was last seen running near the Crown Point exit. The owners of the dog had posted on Facebook that their dog was lost and the approximate location where she was last seen. This morning at approximately 9:00 a.m., approximately 24 hours after the dog had been lost, a Facebook user spotted the dog walking along I-65 near the 251 mile marker. Master Trooper Dwayne Halliburton was in the area and attempted to catch the four-legged escapee. However, the Husky had other ideas and each time Trooper Halliburton would get close, she would run away. ISP dispatch then contacted the owners and had them meet near the location where the dog was seen. Trooper Halliburton then guided the dog along the ditch where she eventually saw her owners and ran up to them for the happy reunion. ISP is happy to report that the dog is back home and doing well.