Approximately 360 students at Krueger Middle School participated in the school-level competition of the National Geographic GeoBee in late November/early December. The top 10 students advanced to the final school competition. On December 12, Wyatt Bauer, a 7th grade student, won first place; Issac Williams, an 8th grade student, took second, and James Symons, a 7th grade student, finished third.
The school-level competition is the first round in the annual National Geographic GeoBee, a geography competition designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world. At Krueger, the contest is coordinated by teacher Janine Peo. Bauer, a 7th grade honor student, says he enjoys the mini series Planet Earth, which he feels helped him prepare for the contest. He will take an online qualifying test on March 29 to see if he advances to the state GeoBee competition.