On August 16, 2018, Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer announced that the City would seek to conduct air testing in all residences in a four block area bounded by Tryon Street, Walker Street, Michigan Boulevard, and 8th Street, in an effort to determine if vapors from the former Concord Cleaners ground water contamination plume are entering homes in this area. It has been determined that pollution from dry cleaning chemicals used by the former Concord Cleaners has gotten into the ground water and migrated with the ground water to the north/northwest toward Trail Creek. The plume area has been defined as a relatively narrow band of contaminated ground water that has the potential to affect homes in the area bounded by East Michigan Street to the southwest, East 8th Street to the northwest, Walker Street to the northeast and Tryon Street to the southeast. The City of Michigan City will be working closely with IDEM to determine if additional sampling and testing is warranted. IDEM may request a second round of sampling and testing to be conducted in January or February 2019. The City will update the public if more sampling is scheduled. The City will continue to pursue all means of cost recovery from the PRP – Begley Cleaners/Concord Cleaners – and continue to insist that they implement a proper and thorough cleanup of the contamination plume as soon as possible.