The Indiana Department of Insurance market conduct examination of First American Title Insurance Company resulted in findings that some Indiana consumers were being overcharged for their title insurance from 2006-2008. First American is based in Nebraska and is licensed to sell title insurance in Indiana. 
As a result of these findings, Indiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Stephen W. Robertson ordered First American to reimburse consumers $3,126,103 plus an additional $38,142 for violating Indiana’s Gross Premium Tax Statute by underpaying taxes on the premium charged to consumers from 2006-2008. First American also has been ordered to implement corrective measures.
First American filed a Petition for Judicial Review asking the trial court to review Commissioner Robertson’s order. After a hearing, the trial court agreed with Commissioner Robertson that First American overcharged consumers and underpaid premium taxes. First American has been ordered to pay the Department $3,657,797.45, which includes interest on the overcharges, and the Department will then issue refunds to consumers affected.