The South Shore Line plans to provide substitute bus service between South Bend and Michigan City Carroll Ave. today, until EB Train 503 on Saturday, Jan. 26, in response to a frigid temperatures forecast. Weather conditions will be re-evaluated prior to Train 503 on Jan. 26 to determine if service may resume between South Bend/Carroll Ave.
Service is suspended to and from Hudson Lake while substitute bus service is in effect. The South Shore Line encourages Hudson Lake passengers to board at Carroll Ave. Station for train service.
Buses will arrive and depart with passengers to match the published Monday-Friday train schedule between Carroll Ave. and South Bend. Westbound passengers should be prepared to board buses immediately north of the South Shore platform at the South Bend International Airport and re-board South Shore trains at Carroll Ave. Eastbound passengers will de-train at Carroll Ave. to board buses for the remainder of their trips.
Impacted trains include:
WB Trains 6, 14, 18, 20, and 22
EB Trains 403, 7, 9, 11, 17, and 19
The following trains will be canceled: WB Trains 422 & 424 and EB Train 401.
WB Trains 600, 502 and 504
EB Trains 701 & 703 will be canceled.
Delays may occur due to busing.