As we prepare for the subzero extreme arctic temperatures in the following days Mayor Meer has made a decision to close City Government on Thursday, January 31st. Therefore, all City offices will be closed to include, schools, the Michigan City Library, the Senior Center.

LaPorte County Emergency Management Director Larry Butcher has issued a Travel Watch declaration. This declaration urges residents of LaPorte County to remain at home with the only essential travel for example to and from work or an emergency travel reason. Washington Park main parking lot has been closed to prevent the public from walking the pier or the shelf ice.

This is not a State of Emergency Declaration. Emergency Management is urging everyone to remain indoors where they are warm and safe.

Animal Control staff will be working both days to ensure that no pets are left out in the cold during these frigid temperatures. PLEASE keep your pets indoors.

MCPD will be out patrolling the city and will assist any pedestrians to their destination or to a warming shelter during the next 48 hours.

MCPD stated that now is the time to make continual checks on elderly relatives, neighbors and friends.