Annually, the Valparaiso Police Department releases a summary of crime statistics, including traffic enforcement and arrests, as well as the top crash locations within the city. The crime statistics are major offenses that are defined by the FBI, while other collected data is gathered by the Valparaiso Police Department. 
In 2018, the City of Valparaiso had 442 major crimes reported, compared to 554 in 2017.  This is a 112 case reduction in major crimes, or 20% from 2017. Major crimes are classified as follows, with the 2018 reported cases in parenthesis:  homicide (0), rape (9), robbery (4), aggravated assault (24), burglary (39), larceny/theft (350), motor vehicle theft (13), and arson (3). 
The Valparaiso Police responded to, or generated, 27,403 calls for service in 2018, an increase of 505 calls from 2017.  These calls resulted in 894 arrests, a decrease of three from 2017, and include 10,480 traffic stops, an increase of 754 from 2017. 
The Valparaiso Police responded to 1,763 reported crashes in 2018, a decrease of 43 crashes from 2017.  The round-a-bout consisting of Calumet Ave., Vale Park Rd, and Roosevelt Rd. experienced the most crashes in 2018, with 74.  The interchange of State Road 49 and LaPorte Ave. experienced the next largest with 37, followed by LaPorte Ave. and Silhavy Rd. with 26, Morthland Dr. and Sturdy Rd. with 24, and Morthland Dr. and Washington St. with 14 (a reduction of 27 crashes for this intersection from 2017).