The Michigan City Police Released the following information and statement on strategies towards reducing neighborhood gun violence:
“The Michigan City Police Department announces our strategies towards reducing neighborhood gun violence. To accomplish this mission it is very important that we mobilize the community to accomplish this goal. We ask that city residents assist us by reporting suspicious behavior. Outlined below are strategies that we have implemented. Please share your thoughts, thank you.”

1. Citywide strategy involving Law Enforcement personnel, government officials, schools, minister / pastor alliances, and most importantly family engagement through responsible parenting. Family engagement is a very important component that needs much improvement to reduce violence.

2. Directed Patrols / Saturation patrols: Increased overtime patrols to concentrate on specific hot spots citywide as identified through our calls for service.

3. Indiana State Police “ACP” (All Crimes Policing) unit will assist with patrols throughout the city at designated times throughout the year.

4. Reduce the supply of illegal guns on the streets by requiring responsible storage of firearms in homes and vehicles.

5. Timely processing of recovered ballistic evidence. Tracking shooting investigations closely.

6. Mandate stricter sentencing for gun violations. Seek the assistance of Federal Prosecution of the violent offenders.

7. Michigan city area school officials and our School Resource Officers (SRO) are tasked with engaging the middle school and high school students. Speaking about gun violence and seeking student involvement by reporting youth in possession of firearms.

8. Gun Buy Back Initiative proudly sponsored by Horizon Bank. Seek the voluntary surrender of firearms no questions asked in return for a visa gift card. Horizon Bank has donated $5,000.00 towards this effort. Program will start this March.

9. Rapid Response Protocol to shooting scenes: Immediate involvement of the Investigative Division, F.A.S.T. Unit and HIDTA Task Force Law Enforcement Personnel

10. Early Intervention by defusing conflicts that are driving gun violence in the 16-24 age group.

11. Free gun locks to city residents. Encouraging safe storage of firearms. The Police Department will be distributing “free gun locks” available immediately at our front desk.