As a reminder, the South Shore Line is offering select weekday train stops at McCormick Place for the duration of the Auto Show through Feb. 18, in addition to regular weekend service.
Further, the South Shore Line continues to offer free rides on all westbound weekend and off-peak weekday trains through Feb. 18. The free westbound rides apply to all SSL stations, and passengers can simply board applicable westbound trains with no ticket purchase necessary.
Passengers will be responsible for paying all applicable fares on eastbound trips. Reminder that kids 13 years and younger ride free on off-peak weekday and all weekend trains.
An eastbound passenger extra will run Saturday, Feb. 16, departing McCormick Place at 4:52 p.m. It will run non-stop to Hegewisch and make all local stops terminating at Carroll Avenue, Michigan City. The extra will not serve Hudson Lake or South Bend.