Two men from Wisconsin were arrested late last night when they were stopped on the Indiana Toll Road for traffic violations.
Preliminary investigation by Troopers Ala’a Hamed and Logan Hensley revealed that just after 11:30 p.m., Monday, while driving westbound on the Indiana Toll Road at the 5.3 mile marker, they noticed a pick-up in the left lane going at a slow rate of speed in a posted 70 mile per hour zone, weaving from side to side, and making multiple unsafe lane movements. The pick-up which had a Wisconsin plate on it had been expired since June 2018. Hamed and Hensley initiated a traffic stop and when the driver lowered his window an overwhelming odor of suspected marijuana and alcohol was smelled. While the troopers were conducting their investigation the driver became non-compliant and began to resist, causing the troopers to use force and place him under arrest. The driver, later identified as 43 year old Tommy R. Hines, of Wisconsin, was not injured. Further investigation revealed Hines had two baggies of suspected heroin and one baggie of suspected marijuana in his pocket. His passenger, later identified as 38 year old Carl A. Winters, of Wisconsin, became uncooperative, lunged at the troopers, and at one point striking Hamed’s hand. He too had to be restrained after refusing to comply. Hines refused to take a certified breath test. Troopers also found two open containers of alcohol inside the pick-up. Hines and Winters were taken to Lake County Jail in Crown Point and charged.