State Rep. Jim Pressel recently welcomed student pages to the Statehouse. As House pages, these students toured the governor’s office, the House and Senate chambers, and the Indiana Supreme Court. They also helped staff with their daily tasks and met with Pressel to learn more about the legislative process:

Jonah Goodwin, from Union Mills, attends South Central Elementary School;
Emma Hannon, from La Porte, is a homeschooled student;
Amber Oldham, from La Porte, attends La Porte High School;
Andrew Schrock, from La Crosse, is a homeschooled student;
Brayden Schrock, from La Crosse, is a homeschooled student; and
Connor Schrock, from La Crosse, is a homeschooled student.

“Being a page is a great way for students to learn about the legislative process and the importance of becoming civically engaged,” Pressel said. “I always enjoy hearing from the younger members of our community, and I hope more students from our area take advantage of this fantastic learning opportunity.” Students between the ages of 13 to 18 who are interested in paging this legislative session can learn more and sign up at Participants receive an excused absence from school, and groups can request to page together.