Barker Middle School held its third quarterly “STEM Community Challenge” on Friday, February 22. This quarter’s challenge was to design a paper airplane that would fly the farthest distance. Students on several Barker teams took on teams from elementary schools and area businesses and organizations.
The winners were:
3rd Place: Coolspring Elementary 6th grade “Apex Legends”
2nd Place: Barker Mr. Trotter’s IMPACT group
1st Place TIE: Barker Ms. Pol’s IMPACT group & Barker’s Mr. Callaway’s IMPACT group
The first place teams both designed a plane that traveled the entire distance of the school gym and hit the wall each time in a 3-round “fly-off finale.”
The final STEM Community Challenge of the 2018-19 school year will take place on Friday, May 17 at Ames Field. Community businesses and organizations interested in entering should contact Barker STEM Coordinator Amy Hamann, or call (219) 873-2057.