La Porte Hospital is opening the doors to its chapel for another “First Friday” concert.  On April 5, at noon, the musical ensemble, Knit Together will be playing and singing its popular southern gospel and folk music.  Instruments to be played for this performance include the soprano, baritone, and concert ukulele and a rain stick.
Members of the group include Wayne and Lori Stefano, a local couple who have been married for nineteen years as well as Tammy Glanser who is married to her husband Gary.  The Glansers are proud parents of three children and many grandchildren.
Selections for the April 5th, performance will include “Hey, Y’All,” depicting the simple country life, “Plans, an Invitation to Life” a Christian song about God’s plan for our lives, “Momma and Me,”, depicting the story of Lori’s mother’s passing form Alzheimer’s disease, and “The Stars Are Out Tonight,” depicting the passing of Lori’s nephew, Jordan, from a drug overdose.
First Friday in the Chapel is made possible by the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL), a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to empowering residents to live healthy and well in and around La Porte. HFL is proud to support health and wellness programs and services to achieve the vision of La Porte becoming one of Indiana’s top 10 healthiest communities by 2030. For more information about First Friday in the Chapel performances, please call 219-325-7633.