The Barker Mansion archives house thousands of documents, photos, blueprints, articles of clothing, and other remnants of Gilded Age life in Michigan City. The job of the Barker Mansion’s heritage interpreters is to connect these sources to the personal experience of each and every visitor who walks through the museum’s 110-year-old doors. Each heritage interpreter takes an active role in researching and telling captivating, unique stories on the history of the Barker Family and Michigan City through the primary sources in the mansion archives. Join them every Wednesday evening this March to hear the exciting and intrepid adventures the staff has taken in the mansion archives. Be the first to learn of the dramatic consequences the 1894 Pullman riot had in Michigan City or explore some of the mysteries surrounding the life of the Barker family. Each presentation begins at 6:00 pm with refreshments available afterward. Each event is costs $5. For more information, please call the Barker Mansion at 219-873-1520 or visit