The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced yesterday that several of its creative placemaking initiatives are highlighted in a report from the National Governor’s Association (NGA). Rural Prosperity through the Arts & Creative Sector: a Rural Action Guide for Governor’s and States, describes in detail the principles of arts-based rural development. The publication highlights successful, high-profile examples of rural communities and regions that have become more economically resilient through creative sector initiatives. Specifically, the report features examples of creative sector initiatives attuned to the assets and needs of rural communities; initiatives that work best as part of rural area economic development plans; and efforts that add value when integrated with other state and local policies such as workforce development, community development, and housing. The Indiana Arts Commission was featured for its work integrating creative placemaking efforts with inter-agency and intergovernmental partnerships, convenings, technical assistance, and other resources that benefit from collaborations and partnerships. The national report notes that in Indiana and elsewhere the field of creative placemaking is considered a specialized version of community development, and may take more time and effort requiring cross-sector partnerships and addressing community challenges in a comprehensive way by using the arts, culture and design strategies.