Barker hosted the 5th Annual 8th grade Career week, March 18-22nd. Classes infused different career activities throughout the week. Amy Hamann, Barker Curriculum and STEM Coach, organized the week of events for Barker 8th grade students. Career Week Opening Speakers (past Barker students), Kenny Smith (Artist and Business Owner) and Lane Van Sickle (Nurse and Volunteer Firefighter) spoke to students highlighting setting & writing down goals, being positive, importance of education, and not being afraid to fail. On Career Guest Speaker Day, 8th grade students attended 3, 30-minute scheduled sessions on careers of their choice. Guest Speakers brought “tools of their trade” to share and show students. March 21st was a Job Shadow/Job Tour day for 8th grade students. Students attended a Job Shadow/Job Tour of their choice. AK Smith Career Center Principal, Audra Peterson wrapped up the week with tips and career attributes of successful workers.