Attorney General Curtis Hill on Thursday announced that his office has entered into a voluntary agreement for a license suspension of a Boone County pediatrician charged with multiple felonies. This agreement is between the Office of the Attorney General and Dr. Jonathon Cavins’ counsel. Dr. Cavins, who practiced in Lebanon, was charged by the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office after a 12-year-old patient came forward with allegations he was inappropriately touched during a routine physical. The Office of the Attorney General has entered into an agreement with Dr. Cavins to suspend his medical license for 90 days while he is under criminal investigation. Dr. Cavins signed the agreement dated March 25. The agreement was approved by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana at its March 28 hearing. In February, Dr. Cavins was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, one count of vicarious sexual gratification and one count of child molestation. All of these crimes are felonies. Dr. Cavins’ pretrial conference is set for April 24, 2019, and a jury trial is set for July 8, 2019.