From the Porter County Sheriff:“The Porter County Sheriff’s Office is spearheading a much needed fundraising effort to offset the surgery costs for one of our Officer’s daughter’s medical expenses. Valparaiso High School sophomore Ashley Young, daughter of Bill and Michelle Young, has been fighting a rare progressive disease called Idiopathic Condylar Resportion, ICR. Ashley needs our help now!ICR affects less than 1% of the population. It is a gradual dissolving of the jaw hinges making it difficult to eat, speak and unable to fully close the mouth. Total jaw reconstruction is now required, if left untreated this rare condition could someday take her life. The 10+ hour surgery will reposition the upper and lower jaw to close her bite with titanium joints affixed to her skull.The first 3 months will be the worst. Her mouth will be wired shut, and she will be on an all liquid diet for 6-8wks. Her hearing will be impaired due to the amount of swelling. Full recovery will take 6-12 months after she has learned to eat and talk with her new jaw.The purpose of our push is to fund the down payment of the portion of the surgeon’s fee that is NOT covered by insurance. There are only a few surgeons in the U.S. that perform the surgery. The upfront out of pocket to the surgeon and assistant, is $49,000.Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help the family in addition to raffle tickets for a TV that are being sold. Whatever you can do will be appreciated by the family.**If you would like to make a contribution, please make a check out to William and Michelle Young and send it to the Porter County Sheriff’s Office.”