On April 15th, between approximately 6:45 PM and 8:30 PM, an unknown make/model, possibly white vehicle struck a vehicle parked at the curb at 125 Diana Road. The vehicle that was struck was hit in the driver’s side rear and was pushed into the front of another vehicle that was parked about five feet away from it. There is significant damage to both victim vehicles and it is very likely there is severe damage to the front of the offending vehicle.
Anyone who has any information regarding this hit & run crash, whether it is first-hand or heard through the “grapevine,” please contact Detective Mike Teeling at the Ogden Dunes Police Department at 219-762-4125 ext. 220, or mike.teeling@ogdendunes.in.gov.
Any information received will be held in confidence. ODPD there is no need for anyone who contacts Ogden Dunes PD regarding this matter to identify themselves.