Secretary of State Connie Lawson is pleased to announced that Senate Enrolled Act 570, which contains important updates to election and cyber security, passed the General Assembly and was signed by Governor Holcomb on Wednesday, April 24th.
SEA 570 addresses a number of critical cybersecurity safeguards for voters and voting systems, including the following:

  •         Requires the Secretary of State to adopt standards for county election worker training
  •         Increases security for delivery of voting systems and electronic poll books
  •         Requires that voting equipment be stored in a secure facility
  •         Prohibits non-election software from being installed on poll equipment
  •         Authorizes counties to use voting systems with a voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT), and required counties to purchase only VVPAT machines beginning in 2020
  •         Puts additional protections and standards in place for non-VVPAT machines
  •         Requires election equipment vendors to conduct annual background checks on employees and contractors
  •         Accelerates time requirements for counties to report potential equipment issues to the Secretary of State

The final version of Senate Enrolled Act 570 passed both houses of the General Assembly without opposition. The bill will take effect on July 1. The full text of the legislation can be accessed at