The following letter was sent on Wednesday regarding LaPorte County Commission Resolution No. 2019 featuring correspondence from Commissioner Matias Brillson to Gov. Eric Holcomb: “Dear Sen. Bohacek: Enclosed, please find Resolution No. 2019-12 approved by the LaPorte County Commissioners at this morning’s meeting that I would ask you to relay to the Governor’s office, along with the enclosed letter that was read into the record by Commissioner Sheila Matias Brillson.” “Commission President Dr. Vidya Kora has authorized me as LaPorte County Attorney to relay a name for appointment by the Governor to the new Board ostensibly established in the budget bill. Please submit the name of Commissioner Sheila Matias Brillson to the Governor for appointment. County Councilman Mark Yagelski – who has served with distinction on the NICTD board for nearly eighteen (18) years until this sudden change this past week, was present at this morning’s meeting speaking not only in support of the enclosed resolution but also indicating his support on the record for Commissioner Matias Brillson to be appointed as this county’s lone representative. Rep. Ryan Dvorak of South Bend, who as you know, represents several townships in the far northeast part of our county was also present this morning to give the Commissioners some context for what occurred – as a complete surprise to all of you who represent us in Indianapolis – in the final two days of the session. While the enclosed Commission resolution was signed by just two of the three commissioners, Commissioner Rich Mrozinski is out of state today and could not be present for the meeting. However, I have no doubt that he would have supported the resolution if he was in town as he shares his colleagues’ strong sentiments about the need to return to the local governance structure for NICTD which has made the organization a model of regional cooperation and transparency for some forty two years.